Atul Technocast Pvt Ltd. was established in 2014 with an aim to be premium quality casting manufacturer providing premium products in terms of Quality, Competitive Pricing, Precision and Perfection. Along with investment casting foundry we also have set up valve unit in the year 2020, we have been catering India’s leading and MNC companies and aim to reaching out to every part of the globe as topmost Investment casting manufacturer from its state-of-the-art facility which spans 8000 square meter with modern and sophisticated plant with production capacity up to 1200 metric Tons per annum, we have ability to produce over 100+ different grade ferrous materials and we adding more with customer demand. We also have CNC and VMC machining facility to deliver finished and ready to assemble investment casting components.

We've always taken pride in our company as more than just a place to work. It's a place where we're both personally and professionally committed to the satisfaction of each and every customer. In our relationships with customers, we try to keep in mind that you're not just coming to us to buy castings, but to solve a particular problem.

The technical requirements of a contract are essential, but are not sufficient to sustain the competitive advantage of Atul Technocast Pvt. Ltd. in today's market. As a result, customers expect a single source to deliver finished components, just-in-time for assembly, ready for final assembly. In order to meet these requirements, we have experts who provide services from design through quotation, sample, production, finishing, assembly, and delivery.